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If the only thing you remember about carpet is that your grandmother could never get hers completely clean, then it’s definitely time to revisit this floor covering. In those days, carpet was a bit of a gamble, even in some of the most pristine homes. However, technological advancements have made it possible to offer benefits that would have sounded like make-believe to Grandma. For you, they’re completely relevant and could become reality in your own home.

Family owned and operated since 1975, our number one goal at Carpetime is the complete satisfaction of our customers. With a variety of high quality products to choose from, and a pool of professional subcontractors for installation, there’s no need we can’t meet. From our showroom in Grand Junction, CO, we serve the areas of Grand Junction, CO, Fruita, CO, and Palisade, CO, and we’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Just stop by at your convenience to speak with a member of our qualified sales staff and let us get your own new flooring process started.

What's new with carpet

When a homeowner discusses the idea of having carpet installed, thoughts immediately go to “stains”. And why not? It has always been one of the biggest hurdles for this material. The good news is, you can now purchase this floor covering with stain protection built right into the fibers. No more adding chemicals products to your floors after installation. Stains no longer have the opportunity to soak in and set, and the protection won’t wear off after a few dozen professional cleanings.

Durability is another characteristic homeowners love to see in carpet. It’s important to note, though, that the product itself is only part of the durability story. This is one floor covering that should be installed by a professional installer to reach its full potential. For instance, if a novice installer makes a mistake in stretching or connecting the seams of this material, it’s likely to age much quicker than necessary. Bunching, bald spots and seam separation can lead you to the necessity for new flooring. More good news: this is completely avoidable.

Other benefits you are sure to appreciate, no matter what your needs, is a luxuriously soft underfoot feel, a warmer home, cheaper heating bills and a safer environment for the elderly or small children in your home. For more information on these and other carpet benefits, be sure to stop into our showroom today.

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